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About Comenius

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What is a Comenius project?

The Comenius project, founded in 1995, has been named after John Amos Comenius. The aim of the project is to establish cooperations among European students. The project has been created to demonstrate an effective European Union. In 2007, Comenius changed into the new program 'Lifelong Learning'. For higher education there is an Erasmus project with similar objectives. The funding (about €20.000) is provided by the European Union. Our Comenius project is a multilateral European project that involves high-school students from four different countries: France, Germany, Italy, and Romania.

What are the objectives of the Comenius project?

  • Improve the mobility of students and teachers across the European Union
  • Partnerships between different schools within the European Union
  • Improve language skills, services, teaching techniques, and practices.
  • Improve the quality and European dimension of teacher training
  • Support pedagogical approaches and school management