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"Discover and act together for the sustainable development in technological and scientific fields"

group photo

There are students from four different European countries participating in this Comenius project. The countries are France, Germany, Italy, and Romania.
All students (17 years in average) come from technical or scientific areas.

Country School Name and City Number of students
enrolled in the program
Romania Coleguil Tehnic 'Remus Radulet', Brasov 30
Italy Italo Calvino, Genoa 30
Germany Elektronikschule, Tettnang 25
France Lycee Grandmont, Tours 48


The partnership forsees four mobilities:

The first mobility was in Brasov (Romania), where we focused on the environmental policy in each country, particularily for each school's region (Centre in France, Baden-Württemberg in Germany, Liguria in Italy, Brasov in Romania). Further issues that we discussed were energy production, waste recycling, water treatment, water quality and heating technologies.


Brasov City

Colegiul Tehnic Remus Radulet

Colegiul Tehnic Remus Radulet - Brasov

The second mobility was in Genoa (Italy). There we had been working on models to demonstrate water treatment, wind and solar energy, robots, fuel cell batteries, waste recycling, public transport, living environment, and the greenhouse effect.


Genova city

genoa school

Istituto Italo Calvino - Genova

During the third mobility in Tettnang (Germany) we collected related technical terms with the aim of writing a multilingual glossary and we created a website to illustrate our work.


Tettnang city

 tettnang school

Elektronikschule Tettnang - Tettnang

The fourth mobility is scheduled to take place in Tours (France) from March 16, 2012 to March 25, 2012.


Tours city

 tours school

Lycée Grandmont - Tours


Each mobility implied a final exhibition to be presented to those students who do not participate in the project.